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Nice Girls Don't Go Naked in their Dreams (or Do They?)

My wife, Brenda and I were at some friends house one night to play some dominoes. At one point during the evening, we started talking about dreams and particularly, being naked in dreams. I mentioned a recent dream where I had been naked and very openly so. Brenda mentioned that she had rarely if ever had a dream being naked.
Growing up, she was raised in a fairly strict family and was not able to express herself like she would have preferred. She once got in trouble at a young age for saying "Golly", as her mother thought that was out of line and just one step away from profanity. Later in her first marriage, she was afraid to speak her mind without feeling the wrath of her husband. So she grew up not being able to express herself openly. So, from the soul's perspective, it made sense that she hadn't had any dreams of being naked.
It seems that I have had my share of dreams being naked. No, this doesn't mean that I secretly wish to join a nudist colony. I grew up in a fairly open-minded family. My father was known to say just about anything, not to provoke, but rather to just sometimes get a rise out of someone. We used to call him a champion "Bullshipper." I think that some of my dad rubbed off on me.
Growing up, one of the neighborhood ladies use to say I was "such a nice boy." My oldest sister and I would laugh about that as we grew up. When we're "nice" we don't say anything to offend anyone or speak our mind, in general. Or do we? Society asks that we don't "rock the boat, " but sometimes it sure is fun to do it anyway.
From the soul's perspective, being naked in a dream represents being open and honest, particularly in regard to how openly you have communicated (revealed yourself) to others. I can remember the many times that I have revealed a part of myself to others in my waking life, only to be naked in my dream the following night. Coincidence? No. Actually it serves as a perfect metaphor with how openly we share ourselves with others.
I was giving a talk once to a service club. At the end of the talk, one gentleman in the back yelled out, "You know, my wife always dreams about being naked in church!" Well, that dream spoke volumes to me. Since being naked represents being open and honest, I knew exactly the meaning of her dream. A building in a dream represents a state of mind we reside in from day to day. A church represents living in a state of mind representing spirituality. So, I told that his wife is open and honest about her spirituality. The man replied, "Yeah, she talks about that stuff all the time." Interestingly, a few months later I was giving another talk on dreams to another service organization. The same man was there and again mentioned that his wife dreams about being naked in church. I told him it means the same thing as it did a few months ago!
How open and honest are you in your waking life? It is liberating being able to speak your mind. You may find yourself, like my wife did, in situtations where is was difficult to express herself openly. Once you take the steps to say what you are really about the inner world takes notice. If you are tentative about revealing yourself to others in your waking life, then you will most likely have a dream where you are uncomfortable about being naked.
One night I dreamed about being naked while walking down a sidewalk. I then saw a car coming in my direction and I openly "flashed" the people in the car. I just let it all hang out in my dream state. This meant that I was being the same way in my waking state. The day before I had gone on a job interview and I communicated very openly about who I was and some of the metaphysical beliefs I held. While I did not get the job (and glad that I didn't) I open about who I was. I guess I was a little shocked at how I acted in the dream, as it certainly was an extreme for me, as naked dreams go. I've had plenty of naked dreams, but nothing like this.
It is easy for us to view our dreams on purely a physical level. While there is a connection from our dreams to our physical life, the real meaning is gained from from understanding them on a spiritual level. The spiritual is who and what we really are. You will find that you will not die if you openly reveal to others things about yourself not revealed before. Try just openly revealing something about yourself that you normally wouldn't. You might mention to a friend that you lack confidence in an area of your life, for example. Part of life is learning to transcend our fears. By communicating to your friend that you lack confidence, they just might be able to help you overcome this lack of confidence and help you move on with your life.
By the way, my wife has started to have naked dreams. As she has begun to be more open in who she is with others, it is no wonder. She even had an intimate encounter in one dream, but that is for another article.
Dave Lappin has been interpreting and teaching about dreams for over 20 years. He has appeared on radio and TV across the Midwest. As well, he has given talks to a wide variety of groups across the Midwest regarding dreams and other metaphysical topics. Dave is also a Reiki Master, artist, and writer. You can visit Dave's website at:understand-your-dreams understand-your-dreams or by e-mail at:dlappin intuition2

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