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Cosmopolitan Magazine Article

Salt Pepper And Pepper Salt

Salt Pepper and Pepper Salt

By Rich Brenda Camall Uwanda - Feb 10, 2009 - From interracial-stories. Interracial stories - Views - 28415 The state of Colorado is the greatest place on the world to ski, especially during holidays. My husband of 12 years & I had made reservations & took off work the entire month of December to fly into Denver rent a car and go skiing for the month. We arrived the 4th.of December, picked up a rental car and headed west. My husband, Rich had some friends near Eldora we stayed with them a few days and sunup to sundown we were on the slopes. We went to Loveland to ski a day or so. We spent time at Arapahoe Basin, Beaver Creek, Copper Mountain, Snowmass, Telluride, Wolf Creek, and Durango and ended at Breckenridge on Christmas Eve. We meet some great people everywhere we went that just loved to ski.
Christmas morning we were on the Breckenridge slopes. It was moderately snowing that morning, but the wind was not blowing. That meant Great soft powder skiing. We had a light breakfast and headed to the lift lines at 730 that morning. Rich & I got on a gondola with another couple. Just FYI this couple was a black couple. Nice folks. They are a little younger then Rich & I. I’d guess about 25 to 30. I am 34 and Rich will be 40 this spring.
“Hi there, I said, “I’m Brenda and this is my husband, Rich”. They replied, “This is my wife Uwonda I am Camall it’s nice to meet some friendly people here in the US. They are so many that are not”
“Where you two from” asked Rich. “We are from Namibia, Africa” Camall said. “It is on the southwest part of the continuant” I said something unintelligent. It made me feel so dumb. I said, “I didn’t know black people ski” Rich looked over at me with a dumb look on his face. “ Why Brenda, why, just because they’re black or from Africa, or both? You seem to think that only white people ski”. “Brenda this is the real world, It’s time you woke up” My husband really gotten up-set with me and chewed me a new asshole right in front of this traveling couple. Rich made me feel lower than a pile of dog shit on the ground.
Camall said, in his heavy african ascent. “Its ok Rich, maybe Brenda didn’t know Africa has snow also. It’s not as hot and desolate place everyone thinks Africa is. “Rich tell your good looking’ wife that you are sorry, C.mon tell her”. That way we can all have ah good time skiing in your wonderful state” Uwonda said.
We were nearing the ride up the mountain. Rich leaned over and apologized with a sweet kiss. Uwonda said, that’s better, kiss and make up. There is too much hate in the world today when love is so much better” Rich didn’t notice, but I did. Uwonda patted Camall on the crouch and winked at him. I didn’t know what that meant at the time, but later I sure did.
We got off the lift & made some short runs to limber up ah little. We headed to the moderate runs and had a great time together. We stopped about 2pm because the weather had changed as it does often here in Colorado. The snow was coming down in great big fat flakes. The wind picked as well. We decided to call it a day & returned to their hotel room. Uwonda asked if we wanted a drink. Uwonda and Brenda went to the kitchen to prepare the drinks.
Camall told me that he thought Brenda had a nice ass & asked if there was ah chance he could see her in the buff.
I said, “Is this customary in your country to ask something like that”
He replied, “Oh Yes it is, how else is someone going to know if they don’t ask”
“Carmall, why do you ask anyway”
“Uwonda & I have sex with many couples before, with her watching me, Me watching her & even 3, 4 somes together” Camall was serious. I didn’t know it until later that Uwonda & Brenda were talking about this same thing. His wife Uwonda is extremely dark skinned that made her complection shine. They came back in the living room & sat down. “Well Rich” Uwonda asked me, “What do you think? Rich do you want to screw my dark pink pussy while Camall does your pretty wife”
I looked at Brenda and she shrugged her shoulder as if to say “I don’t know, do you? Just then Uwonda stripped down to her white silk lacy panties. In her country the women don’t wear bras. All she had on were those white silky lacy panties. The color contrast was amazing. The white material against her dark skin. Her dark skin and those white lacy thong panties were stimulating to say the least. I had a woody just that quick. Brenda looked over at me and said, giving her approval “go ahead do it if you want to do her” Uwonda smiled at Brenda and blew her a kiss. She took me by the hand and led me over to the dining room chair.
“Here Rich here” she said. I sat down. Uwonda kissed me passionately & stood up on the chair seat with one foot on each side of me. She put her legs under each armrest as she continued to lower herself down on my woody. Uwonda stopped at her snatch entrance and slowly lowered all the way down on me. All you could see was my white scrotum mashed up against her black ass cheeks. Her pussy wasn’t tight, but she had the ability to use her pussy muscles to milk my dick as she was fucking me. I wondered what Brenda was doing with ” Camall. He had her bent over the arm of the couch. He was licking her hole from the bung to her clit. She was backing up against him to meet his assault.
Uwonda started her motions up until the head of my dick was coming out and she dropped herself back down real hard. It was all I could do to keep from blowing wad up into her black pussy. Uwonda was using her arms to make her rise and fall. She started to increase her movements up & back down. “Uwonda, UWANDA” I hollered, I are going to make me fell your cunt with my cum if you don’t quit” ! “Oh No, we can’t have that” she said. She stopped and climbed out of the chair.
Camall heard us stop fuckin’ and then he stopped and said, “Let’s all go to the bedroom, huh, how about it” Rich, Brenda? Brenda was the first one to agree. She headed to the back. She was spread out waiting for Carmall’s dick to return to her insides. Uwonda got on the bed and straddled Brenda’s face facing her feet. She lowered herself to Brenda’s month. She sat there grinding her cunt onto Brenda’s face. I did just the opposite. I was facing Uwonda and started to titty fuck Brenda as Uwonda & I were passionately kissing and took turns sucking each other’s tongue. Brenda had her fingers in my butt. Carmall slipped in behind me and raized Brenda’s ass higher and moved a pillow under her ass.
Camall maneuvered himself back in to have access back to Brenda’s love connection. He started to thrust in her snatch as I was thrusting her titties. And Uwonda was still working my wife’s face with her smooth hairless cunt. There we were Black & White, black and white. We were all screaming “I’m Cumming, I’m CUMMING. We fell on the bed in a big heap of sweat, cum covered bodies. Shortly we were asleep. Uwonda awoke first. It was 6am. They had to catch their flight back to Africa. Camall and Uwonda’s flight left Grand Junction at 3pm. Our flight to St. Louis was at 7pm. We had time to drive back to Denver.
We exchanged our phone numbers, email addresses & said our goodbye’s, kisses and we parted. No one said one thing about the night we had just experienced. We enjoyed them and they enjoyed us. We had nothing to say about it. We do have plans to go see them in Africa some time soon.

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