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Solo Professional Business Success - What I Learned About Business from Two Little Girls Ages 5 & 3 By Felicia Slattery

Small business success can be hard to come by. According to statistics from the US Small Business Administration, less than half of all small businesses survive after a four-year period. What's an entrepreneur to do?
I'm about halfway to that four-year mark in my own home-based business. I'm happy to report my business is already profitable and I'm living the lifestyle I want as a direct result of what my home-based business brings to my family. I get to spend time with my little girls, ages three and five doing the "Mom thing" by day, and I get to run my internet-based communication consulting and coaching business after the girls' bedtime.
One evening it occurred to me that those little girls have taught me a lot about running a successful business. I thought I'd share their lessons with you, too.
Lesson 1: Less is More
When the play room has toys strewn all over the place, deciding what to play with is challenging and my kids jump from one toy to the next, never really getting much enjoyment from any of them. But when the room is clear and they choose just one toy to play with, they're in heaven. A solo professional wears so many hats-- but you can't wear them all at once. So choose an activity and get it done before moving on to the next thing.
Lesson 2: Everything is Negotiable
When my three year old wants something she'll keep on negotiating until she gets it. You can do the same thing in your business. Find a way to get what you want.
Lesson 3: Saying "I Can't" Won't Get the Job Done
My husband has taught our girls "I can't" is a "bad word." Now instead of "I can't do this, " my five year old says, "I'm having a hard time with this." And she'll either ask for help or keep trying herself until she gets it right. Is there something you're struggling with where you could use some help? Or is it something you know if you keep at, you'll get there? Whatever it is... you can do it.
Lesson 4: Turn the Box
About a year ago when my youngest daughter was playing with a box-like shape-sorter toy, she couldn't figure out how to get the square peg into a round hole. But then I saw the light bulb go on when she simply turned the box. She could see right where the square peg should go. Take a step back from your business, turn the box, and get a different perspective.
Lesson 5: Do Things When You're Ready On Your Own Terms
In March this year, my three year old started preschool. Yep, in the middle of the year. Why? She was ready. What are you ready to do? You don't have to wait for anything to find success. When you are ready for it go after it.
Lesson 6: Routines Are Good
Like all kids, my girls do best when they can stick to a routine. You can create routines in your business-- called systems. When you know when and how things should happen, it's easy to move forward and watch your systems keep your business going like clockwork.
Lesson 7: Ask Questions (LOTS of Questions!)
All kids ask questions and mine are no different. They want to know why everything is the way it is and what's for dinner and when we can go to Grandma's again and on and on. When you ask questions you'll find answers to things you need to know more about. I like to ask my clients questions to find out what's on their minds and see how I can better serve them.
Lesson 8: Always Keep Learning
Children are in a perpetual state of learning. Somewhere along the way some people lose that zest for learning. But in business you must keep learning to be successful. Learn what's new in your field, learn a new marketing skill, learn what works for your clients, learn a new technology, or anything that will help you.
Keep in mind these lessons from children and you too can see success as a solo professional.
Success in business comes from effective communication with your clients and prospects. The first thing you need to communicate-- and continue to communicate -- is your credibility. Without credibility, your business will go nowhere. With it, you'll automatically attract new clients and see positive cash flow.
I invite you to discover how to Increase Business by Communicating Your Credibility now. Visit wwwmunicationtransformation creating-credibility- ecourse. wwwmunicationtransformation creating-credibility-ecourse to get your free e-course that will help you customize a credibility plan for your business and get you more of what you want.
Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed. is a communication consultant, speaker & coach specializing in training small and home-based business owners effective communication skills so they can see more cash flow now.
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