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Grand Rapids Escorts Article

Want An Online Funnel of Women? Guys, You Got It All Wrong! See How I Do It!

Want An Online Funnel of Women? Guys, You Got It All Wrong! See How I Do It!

You Want Crushing Online Dating Results? Read This!
Every year the Online Dating Industry grows. Thousands of marriages occur as a result. To be competitive it is vital to get the basics right. I've assembled some online dating tips for men and advice to help you through this process. These online tips will give you better results in this competitive field. I like combining internet dating with my traditional "in person" meeting women. Both have their advantages and pitfalls.
My take on online dating is this. Everyone should a least check it out. A new guy to the dating scene will find this a great way to get your feet wet, talk and meet new women. An experienced player will find internet dating, pussy central. Anyone can easily meet and sleep with average girls. The hot women take more work as they can get hundreds of responses.
Women go online for different reasons. #1 is they are overweight and ugly, #2 they are sick of meeting sleeze balls at bars and #3 they just don't have the time to mess around. Your goal is to go after #2 and #3, unless you like beached whales.
Online dating is a slow process
This can be annoying. I found I was trying to meet girls too quickly. You should email women at least three times before getting their number or Facebook. Next, three more texts and then ask them to meet. Do this with several women. This process can take seven or more days because girls don't check their emails everyday. Multiple contacts should yield a constant stream of pussy.
The good news is all this takes little effort on your part. Just keep the women organized on index cards and stay pithy with your emails.
Stay engaged with them and ask questions. This will force them to concentrate on your emails over others. Keep it personal, if she still gives you short little messages, move on and concentrate on the women that respond with longer, more flirty emails.
Never take it personal
Don't get bogged down on rejection. She doesn't even know you. Toughen your skin and keep your hits going.
Build a great profile.
Be imaginative here. Talk about unique and humorous things that make you very interesting. Nothing negative, all positive. Don't say, "this is my first time doing this." Boring. This means you're desperate and can't get a date and no one gives a crap anyway.
I find that your profile and pics don't matter as much as you might think. No one believes your profile and everyone knows that picture is the best one out of a thousand. Remember, lots of these women have been raked over the coals from asshole guys. They want a man that will treat them with respect and make them feel good.
Talk confidently about yourself but not cocky. Be very imaginative. Really dig deep about some quirky hobbies or things you like to do that aren't too weird. Maybe you're a great cook or maybe you suck as a cook but you can make the best French toast! Maybe you just learned to jet ski and you want to share this experience with someone out there. Maybe you've decided that roller coasters are the key to happiness and the two of you need to ride together!
You get the idea.
Great recent pics
Get some great pics of yourself. Let's face it, this is the first thing people are interested in. If you're not photogenic then have a friend take lots of pics.
I look sucky in most pictures so I take lots until I get one that makes my ugly mug look good. Do this often until you get some good ones.
Dress nice, be clean cut and get your hair right. Be creative. A picture of yourself white water rafting is much more inspiring to a woman than you at a wedding with your eyes glazed over.
How about a picture with a horse behind you? I hate horses but women love them (I have no idea why). Put a horse behind you and you will get responses, I guarantee. My responses doubled when I uploaded a picture of me with a puppy in my arms!
A winning profile and great pics do help, but remember, it's the emails that will get you to the hoop. Hopefully she won't look like a horse.
Her Pics
Quick tip, guys. Don't forget to get a full body shot of her. Unless you like dating a cow, move to the next girl. If she doesn't have a full body picture, be aware that you may be disappointed.
Too Much Information and Where to Go
Don't give out too much personal information. I made this mistake. Never give your home phone number and always meet somewhere cheap. The price of a cup of coffee isn't so bad if this chick has a wide load for an ass, find this out during a white linen dinner... you'll cry. Trust your instinct, this babe could be a stalker or a gold digger. Enough said.
Email Her
Get this right! Ask questions about her and throw in a compliment. Personalize your email and don't tell any lies that might bite you in the ass later. If she's into photography and you're not, say, "I don't know much about the subject, but I'd love to learn."
Be very humble. Don't put yourself down, instead, poke fun of some of your small failures. Try telling her a funny story about yourself or a story when you were young. Make sure you're very respectful. No Vegas hooker stories here!
Try this, compliment yourself followed by a failure. "I've played hockey all my life and I'm very good, but roller blading yesterday I ran into my neighbor's trash cans!" You see what you have effectively done here, is tell her you are a gifted athlete without sounding conceited. Another guy will say how he's a great hockey player and leave out the trash cans. Now the girl thinks you're full of yourself.
Don't become that guy
Don't become that professional online dater. Try it for a while and if it doesn't yield results take a break and go back to traditional ways. There is nothing worse to a woman than seeing the same guy's mug year after year on Match!
My Stats
My results are from a 6 month session of straight online dating. I stopped seeing all other women so my mojo could be allocated towards internet dating. Trust me, I needed the energy, I needed an ice pack was by the end of the six months! Here are my results:
I found by spending 2 to 4 hours a week emailing attractive women, this produced a funnel of pussy. I would have 3 dates a week and get laid 1 to 2 times. My response rate was about 32% which, I'm told, is a little above average.
These girls were not models by any stretch but they were attractive. In the six months I had 2 ugly pigs. The first I ran from, the second I nailed in the parking lot...I was drunk.
I Digress
I found that the girls were always 1 to 2 points lower than what I expected. I can meet much hotter women the traditional way, but hey, it's a great way to get out of a dry spell.
If you're game is lacking, than I highly recommend online dating. You can practice and sharpen your skills in a very controlled relationship. I do feel women have a distinct advantage on internet dating sites. A good looking girl will get hundreds of hits where as a guy has to spend a lot of time and effort with winks and emails just to get to the gate.
Makes one think that this time could be better spent meeting women traditional ways. I actually like a combination of both. Try it out.

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