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Milkman Galleries Article

Secret Liaison

Secret Liaison

By Tailspinner - Oct 7, 2008 - From gay-erotic- stories. Gay erotic stories - Views - 22308 I had been on-line with John for a couple of months we were both married we had been careful checking each other out I asked him to take a photo with a daily newspaper open at the TV page he had me take one with a tartan scarf tied to my wrist. He wanted to meet finding somewhere suitable I checked out a multi storey car park, checking there were no cameras or patrols. I found one locally I told him about it and we arranged to meet for some fun.
I told my wife I was going to a works party, I arrived on the upper floor and parked, and I switched on the radio and waited nervously. Then the lights of John’s SUV appeared, he parked beside me and got out he climbed in beside me. I had been anticipating this for some time; I daydreamed about it while at work I even stroked my cock at my desk at work, now it was happening. John too had been awaiting this. I reached behind his head and drew him to me, we both stuck our tongues out and licked, the feeling was electric, we kissed for a while, as I stroked his leg and he mine, then I rubbed the rock hard bulge and wanted to free it from its confinement.
We climbed out of the motor and I walk round to him I reached for the zipper and pulled it down slowly as he leant in and kissed me again, as I slipped my hand inside and felt the super heated cock, it felt silky the prominent veins bulging along its length, the tip wet I smeared the seeping liquid over with my thumb round the large bulbous head. I unbuckled his belt and pushed his jeans down I wrapped my hand round the large stiff cock, slowly pumping it John stopped me and he unbuckled my belt pushing my jeans down, two grown men in a poorly lit multi-storey car park kissing like teenagers, stroking each others cocks, John pushed up my top and began licking my nipples teasing me, I was lost in the sweet sensations, John slowly sank down running his tongue down my torso.
We were standing between our cars sheltered from anyone not specifically looking for two men having sex. John was kneeling with my cock in his hand mere inches from his mouth, he flicked his tongue out over my cock head, sending shivers through my body, then he swirled his wet tongue round the bald tip before dropping his head on my rampant cock, it felt so wonderful having my cock inside this hunks mouth he bobbed on my cock sucking as he came up, then popping out he lifted my cock against my stomach licking down the underside, he sucked on my ball sac, then up taking me back inside his mouth, he worked his fist as he sucked and in less than two minutes I came filling his mouth with my cream, he pumped the shaft milking the last drops.
He stood up and kissed me sharing my cum with me, I grabbed his cock and pumped him to full erection as he lifted his top, I returned his attentions, teasing his nipples then mirrored his actions.
As I drew level with his cock staring into the teardrop eye I kissed the tip a soft gentle kiss, then working him I lapped on him as I scratched his ball sac before taking his fat cock between my lips I suckled on just the tip running my tongue round under his foreskin, then I pulled foreskin down exposing the shiny purple gland, I took him deeper, sinking down until my lips pressed on my fist wrapped round the thick cock. I sucked and pumped he moaned and put his hand on my head slowing me, I sucked until he stopped me, he pulled me upright, he reached into the open window of his car and retrieved a small bottle and a condom, he handed me the condom to put on his cock, I opened the wrapper and rolled the condom down over his cock.
I stood and turned leant against the car as John moved behind me, he poured the oil down between my buttocks and smeared it over my tight virgin asshole, he spread my ass cheeks and probed my ass with his finger pressing it past my opening till his knuckle entered he work it round smearing the oil inside preparing for his cock, then satisfied he pulled his finger out and rubbed his condom clad cock up and down, before he positioned his cock at my opening he pressed hard, as I held my ass open for him, he continued to press and slowly my anal opening yielded to the pressure, I tried to relax my opening, and finally after pouring more oil his cock head entered, the sphincter closed behind the large head trapping him inside me, he pressed his hard cock deeper, my bum hole seemed on fire, as he began sawing his cock inside me, gradually I accepted the invading cock and my cock responded I reached for my cock and rubbed the hard shaft. Then John pulled his cock out with a painful pop, my ass was virginal no longer, he pulled the condom off and pushed me down he jabbed his cock into my waiting mouth, and let a thick stream of white cum spurt filling my mouth and over my face. I was pumping my cock and when John’s cum erupted my balls jettisoned once more squirting onto the cold concrete floor. We kissed and pulled our underwear and denims up, once decent I scooped some of John’s cum into my mouth and swallowed. John handed me a few tissues from his car the whole thing lasted less than 15 minutes from getting out of the car to we both drove away.
Once home I went straight for a shower, where I masturbated as I jammed a finger into my tight ass, I enjoyed the feeling of something in my hole and wanted so much more. Tonight has been the greatest night I have had since the birth of my children.

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